Pharma-Data s.a. is a private R&D and Business Development Organization established in 2000, specialized in the design and development of new pharmaceuticals products worldwide.

  • Pharma-Data s.a. is activated in the following sectors:
  • • Development and Optimization of new ideas for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • • Know-how developmet and optimization for scale-up, manufacture, quality control and release of Pharmaceutical products
  • • Registration Dossier Preparation for the approval of the developed products
  • • Technology Transfer between Companies
  • • Dossier Update and improvement of the Quality, Manufacturing and Stability of old (mature) Pharmaceutical products for maintaining and/or reviving well-established therapeutics, meeting quality standards complying to the latest up-to-date guidelines and demands.

Continuously seeking for new ideas, Pharma-Data s.a. was always challenged to escape from the development of classic generics. As a result Pharma-Data s.a. can present high skills of expertise in the development of hybrid formulations, added-value generics and new-fixed combination products.

We are proud of our expanding customers portfolio and the outcomes of our work such as:

  • • Average of 5-6 new developments per year
  • • Average of 8-10 DCPs per year
  • • More than 60 dossier updates the last 10 years
  • • 4 valid and approved patent applications
  • • Approximately 140 MAs worldwide

Active Territories

  • Geographical Europe (EU, Switzerland, Balkan territories, CIS countries)
  • South Africa
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • SE Asia
  • USA
  • Canada





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