R&D center

Introducing our new R&D Centre

Pharma-Data s.a. proudly presents the new GMP approved R&D Galenical and Analytical laboratory, a 350m2 state-of-the-art setting, designed and constructed as a GMP production unit micrograph (controlled pressure, temperature and humidity, staff flow, materials flow etc).

State-of-the-art R&D center

Constructed under GMP standards

Future Goal : GMP for investigational products

Laboratory layout

Major Equipment

• Junior E xPress (8 punches rotary tableting Machine) / Mnf: Talleres Sanchez SRL
• LDCS High Coater Machine 6Lt / Mnf: Freud-Vector
• Table Blister Machine / Mnf: O.M.A.R
• Fluid Bed Granulator 0.2-6kg / Mnf: Hüttlin GmbH- Germany
• High shear Batch Mixer-Granulator 5Lt / Mnf: Hüttlin GmbH – Germany
• Double-Jacketed, Vacuum, Heat/Cold Creams/Emulsion mixer 5Lt / Mnf: Stephan GmbH – Germany
• Lab Scale Autoclave 25L (105-134oC) / Mnf: Grouppo-Selecta – Spain
• Lab Scale Freeze-Dryer 2Lt/24hours, Condenser Temp to –55oC / Mnf: USA

• Other equipment:

Capsule filling Machine
Suppositories Filling Machine
Sieving shaker
IPCs equipment
Stability Chambers
Nitrogen purging

R&D Pharmaceutical forms

• Tablets (uncoated, film-coated, modified-release, effervescent)
• Granules
• Microencapsulation
• Pellets
• Solutions (oral, topical, sterile)
• Suspensions
• Semi-solid preparations (Creams/Ointments non-sterile and sterile)
• Nasal preparations
• Suppositories
• Lyophilized products
• Cosmetics (creams, emulsions, lotions etc)
• Food Supplements

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